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Began a two-year apprenticeship with 3 Schutzhund trainers at a local kennel that included obedience, protection and tracking.


Began professionally training at Landmark Kennel in Miami, Florida, which trained and supplied most of the police service dogs in southeastern United States, including approximately 90 departments in Florida and specialized in Schutzhund training. Received certification as a Schutzhunmd decoy.


Participated with Landmark Kennel in a 4 day seminar for police service dogs in Florida. Seminar included intensive training for the handlers as well as their dogs. Training included obedience, bite work (emphasis on “out”), area search, building searches and overall health and well being of K-9 partner.


Established “K-9 Training, Inc.”. Included basic through advanced obedience and protection for private dog owners as well as working with local police departments.


K-9 Training Inc. changes its business name to Miami K-9 and included French Ring Sport training. Began designing and developing a full body bite suit. Suit was later manufactured and sold by Ray Allen Manufacturing Company (the largest professional K-9 equipment supplier in the US).


Miami K-9 added private narcotics detection service and was employed by airlines, maritime shippers, Dade County schools and large private corporations as part of the “drug free workplace”.


As Miami K-9 grew, K-9 security services were added which consisted of guard dog rental services, as well as man-dog K-9 security teams.


Miami K-9 sold. Relocated to Costa Rica and established a new business “USA K-9 Academy, S.A.”. Trained dogs for private individuals as well as police departments throughout Costa Rica in the areas of narcotics, explosives, tracking, and obedience work for public relations (i.e., schools, public demonstrations).


Relocated to Louisville Kentucky established Kentuckiana K9. To date we have trained over 2000 dogs in Kentuckiana and surrounding areas.

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