Training Programs

When the training of your dog is complete, we make a personalized video of your dog that goes home with you.


Obedience training is the communication link between you and your dog and is a prerequisite for any other training.

We offer basic and advanced training.

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Interested in tracking search and rescue or search in recovery?

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Police K-9

Would you like to improve your K-9 performance?

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Proper training from Kentuckiana K-9 will give your dog the confidence needed to protect you, your family and your property.

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Specialized training consists of training dogs for owners/handlers with disabilities or special needs such as wheelchair bound, crutches, canes, as well as therapy and service dogs. This dog is deaf and was trained entirely with hand signals.

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Kentuckiana K-9’s Approach To Housebreaking

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If you are looking to board and train your dog with us, but don't live in the area, airport services are available to get your dogs to Kentucky. Give us a call today for more information.

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We also train in German, Spanish and French.

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The very best training at the very best prices.


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